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The Internet Physician Advantage:  Innovation and Global Reach

Internet Physician, Inc. recognizes major discrepancies between the people of the "have" nations and the "have not" nations of the World due in part to the current inefficiency of international trade and lack of adequate monetary funding to properly address global health care issues regarding food, medicine and nutrition delivery to the poor. While Internet Physician AgriMedicine Trade Program focuses on food, agricultural, medical sales and exports from companies domiciled in the USA to other nations, Internet Physician AgriMedicine Trade Program also will consider assisting you with humanitarian efforts or international commerce between non-USA companies, esp. in the areas of food, agriculture and medical sales and exports provided we comply with all USA laws, rules and regulations.  Recent Congressional approval of the U.S. farm bill and its signature by President Clinton on October 28, 2000 allows licensed  food and medical sales to nations such as Iran and Cuba.  Internet Physician AgriMedicine Trade of many innovative and globally reaching solutions from Internet Physician, Inc. to help the people of the World.

Internet Physician AgriMedicine Trade Program

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